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The Royal Collection - Sculptura

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As part of our Royal Collection for which we proudly collaborate with Royal Warrant holders to bring you our Sculptura dining table with gilded, hand-sculpted legs and our trade-mark book-matched table top.

Sculptura is non-conformist at its core. It´s beautiful hand-sculpted curves and streamlined shape make it a sophisticated piece of art. The crafting of each table requires 2 very specific skills, the traditional book-matching technique for the tabletop and sculptural carving for the table legs. This also gives this dining table its name.


For the Royal Collection, our trademark designs are showing another great traditional craft through their gold-gilded legs in 23.5-carat gold leaf. We are proudly collaborating with Royal Warrant holders Hare & Humphrey's of London, who have previously worked on Royal residences and historic royal palaces, such as Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and Dover Castle. Through this collaboration, we are bringing together a unique and modern design with one of the most prestigious crafts.


Each table is first crafted by hand out of wood. The table legs then receive the unique shine of gold-gilding through a multi-step process where thin leaves of 23.5-carat gold are applied in a process requiring skill and dedication.


The Sculptura of our Royal Collection features hand-sculpted legs gilded with 23.5 carat gold leaf. This image shows the bookmatched tabletop in European Walnut.
As part of our Royal Collection, this edition of the Sculptura dining table features the distinct hand-sculpted legs gilded with 23.5 carat gold leaf.gos walnut.jpg

Hare and Humphreys have worked to the highest standards over 30 years, establishing themselves as the country’s leading gilding specialists. They employ a highly skilled and experienced team of craftsmen, overseen by managers with extensive craft and design experience, to undertake work to buildings of national importance, monuments, interiors and objects.

Notable projects of Hare and Humphreys include: The Monument to the Great Fire, City of London; The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; The Palace of Westminster, London; Osborne House, Isle of Wight; Royal Courts of Justice, London; Windsor Castle, Windsor; Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey; The Royal Academy, London.