The Chester combines luxury with a grounding sense of nature. Like marble, wood has truly unique markings. These markings tell the story of the tree they have been cut from. It is the story of seasons changing, storms and other events in the lifetime of the tree. The Chester is a celebration of the natural beauty of the material, combined with a unique design taking references from architecture and finished to the highest levels of craftsmanship.


In a hospitality as well as in a residential setting the Chester welcomes guests with a design that is creating a refined lightness and grounding calmness at the same time. The rich and elegant look of the natural material gives a sense of home, of a family heirloom piece that has been built to last.



59"W x 59"D x  30“H to 71"W x 71"D x 30“H

1.5mW x 1.5mD x 0.75mH to 1.8mW x 1.8mD x 0.75mH


American walnut, European walnut, ash, oak, European cherry


Oiled, high-shine varnish

Whitened (ash)


Book-matched (6 planks)

Non-book-matched (6 planks)